Montisera management is empowered by our world class Scientific Advisory Board and Senior Advisors. Together these bring vital knowledge from science and business to our activities enabling us to be the best in our class.


jukka mäkelä, CEO

Jukka Mäkelä, CEO

Jukka Mäkelä has 30 years’ professional experience. He has worked as Vice President, Business Development in Oriola Corporation and as Head of Business Area and Partner in Accenture. He is Chairman of the Board of Herralan Saha. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics. He will be responsible for deploying Montisera´s strategy in developing and commercializing novel drug candidates and bioactive compounds with health benefits for food and pharma sectors. Jukka Mäkelä is also CEO of Montisera’s daughter companies Montinutra Ltd and Montipharma Ltd.


heikki vuorikoski, business development director

MSc Heikki Vuorikoski is the founder, owner, and board member of Montisera. He founded the company 2012 through a successful spin-out from a Finnish CRO Pharmatest Services Ltd. Vuorikoski is a serial entrepreneur in bio business, and has founded or co-founded six Finnish CROs during the last 13 years. He has the background in genetics and bioinformatics, and is passioned in taking new ideas towards markets and full utilisation.

the board of directors

matti kurvinen, chairman of the board


Matti Kurvinen has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University). He has over 30 years experience in business management, consulting, architecting and leading global business transformations. His specialities are in Supply Chain and Service Strategy and Operations and large transformational change initiatives. His special focus is on Warranty Cost Reduction, Installed Base, Traceability and Digital Service Operations. Mr. Kurvinen is a co-author of the book “Warranty Fraud Management”, Wiley, 2016 and frequent speaker in international conferences. Matti was elected as the ne Chairman of the Board at the General Meeting of Montisera in June 2019.


juha kurkinen, board member

juha kurkinen.jpg

Juha Kurkinen is Co-Founder, member of the board, and Honorary Member of the Finnish Business Angels Network - FiBAN. Mr. Kurkinen is also the CEO of Corporate Sustainability Finland Ltd.

Mr. Kurkinen has have several international and national duties, like the CEO of Rastor Group, and Chairman of Rastor Group, the CEO of Danisco Finland Ltd (former Cultor Oyj), and Board member of Genencor International, Inc.



Dr. Rakan Rshaidat has a Doctor In Pharmacy. In addition to Pharmacy, Dr. Rshaidat has a vast knowledge in pulp, paper and board through his position as a Partner and Managing Director of Omnigroup.





Jouni hakanen, BOARD MEMBER


Mr. Jouni Hakanen was the Chairman of the Board of Montisera 2017-2019. Mr. Hakanen has more than 25 years’ cross-industry experience in strategy and management positions – the past 20 years as a management and strategy consulting. He is specialized in corporate and digital strategy, technology strategy development, operational effectiveness, IT, M&A and in program management. Mr. Hakanen has been the Managing Director for two international companies in Asia with manufacturing and sales operations to cover South and North East Asia. Specialties: Digital and corporate strategy, IT strategy and functional strategy development and technology alignment , IT and business transformations, Operational effectiveness, integrated supply chain management , customer relationship management and sales management, and Post merger integration planning and execution & management.

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petri malmelin, board member

Mr. Petri Malmelin has over 20 years experience in planning and leading business transformations, disruptions and change journeys. He has a degree from Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University) from Infromation Technology, and second major from International Pulp & Paper Linkage Program. Petri’s specialities are in change leadership: strategy, business processes, data, technology, people and governance, M&As, and data driven business transformations. Petri is an entrepreneur who actively networks with mesh of start-ups, academics and incubators like EIT Digital, Aalto / Helsinki Challenge, StartUp Grind and Boardman Growth network. Petri joined the Board of Montisera in 2018.


scientific advisory board


Lauri Kangas, Director of the Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Kangas is the Former R&D Director of Hormos Ltd. He is also one of the real “bench-to-bedside” researchers in Finland, and holds several international patents in the fields of hormonal diseases, bone biology, and cancer.


Senior Advisors

Prof. Kalervo Väänänen (pathology, anatomy, bone diseases)
Prof. Pirkko Härkönen (cancer, hormonal diseases)
Prof. Mart Saarma (CNS disorders, Parkinson’s disease)
Prof. Kalervo Kiianmaa (alcoholism, dependency disorders)
Dr. Petri Hyytiä (dependency disorders, alcoholism)



scientific consults

Adjunct Prof. Johanna Tuomela (cancer, hormonal diseases)

Dr. Jenni Bernoulli (in vitro and in vivo disease models)

M.Sc. Yvonne Konkol (urological diseases)

Ville Takio (CNS disorders)