Montisera has new web pages

Refreshing Molecule Development - Montisera's new web pages give a fresh look for an old industry.

We are delighted to announce that the old pages, even though nicely set up and designed by the CEO, have been replaced by the one made by Brothers In Business, skilled in photography and design.

All the photographs in the newly published pages are by Kalle Kirjalainen, a Finnish photographer, and Antti Kirjalainen is behind the design of the pages. The forest pictures are from the Nuuksio National Park, the biggest National Park in Southern Finland, just 30 km from Helsinki. This shows the nature coming in the heart of decision making in Finland, and reminds also that one of the molecule of Montisera being developed is originating from Finnish forest, in more detail from Norway spruce.

Some emphasis has also been given to Smart Chemistry Park in Raisio, Finland, i.e. the premises we are located. The surroundings and group of over 12 SME's all within the circular ecology business and R&D, gives vital energy and support for our journey.

Feel free to tell about Montisera to anyone who might be interested - and Take Action!