Montisera presenting solutions for circular economy at the Uusipuu seminar

Montisera, September 1st, 2016. Raisio, Finland. 

Montisera will give a short presentation and has a stand at the Uusipuu ( New Tree) seminar in Otaniemi, Helsinki. The seminar will be held in Aalto University, TUAS building at Maarintie 8 /Otaniementie 17, Helsinki, Finland, September 2nd, 2016.

As an Invited speaker, Heikki Vuorikoski, founder and Business Development Director of Montisera will be presenting Montisera's solutions for circular economy. The flagship product to be presented is our patented hot water extract from Norway spruce. The extract has been shown to have beneficial properties in the treatment and prevention of lower urinary tract diseases. The tests were performed in a specific in vivo model by a Finnish CRO Pharmatest Services Ltd.

The opening speech for the seminar is held by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen. The other speakers represent the top companies and research institutes in Finland like Paptic, Metsä Group, and VTT

The New Tree Project

Montisera is a member of The New Tree project. The New Tree project is open to all operators in the field, and the participants represent an extensive range of Finnish forestry sector players, from forest owners to organisations, small and large companies, educational institutions, employees and users of wood-based products. They all share a strong desire to develop, market and make use of wood-based bioproduct expertise.

More information about The New Tree Project and the seminar is found from Uusipuu web pages